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Project Management is an important aspect of business today. Making sure the project runs smoothly, within budget and time constraints, with a well managed scope and minimal risk all in a way that produces professional results and brings the client back for future projects is not an easy task. As with becoming a senior systems administrator, or a good accountant, being a project manager without the proper training, is impossible. Similarly if someone is a good developer or sales / accounts person, does not mean that they have the skills to lead a project to a successful completion.

Through our courses we take several approaches. May it be rigorous training program, using real world experiences and prepare them for the Project Management Professionals Test or a novel and subdued approach, we will customize a solution for your needs.

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Project Management
What is Project Management?
Project Management is an important aspect of business today...
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Training Makes A Difference
To become a successful project manager takes many hours of training and of study....
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How Much Training is Needed?
It is recommended that each employee attends at least 12-20 hours of training...
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The Course
Our courses are designed to be taught in bi-weekly 2 hour sessions...
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