How Much Training is Needed?

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It is recommended that each employee attends at least 12-20 hours of training, depending on their position. An engineer for example may need more training than a secretary since he/she will most likely spend more time working on projects of various sizes.

The concepts of project management can be broken down in a way that supplies a backbone enabling to the person to grasp the idea of project management enough to make their daily work more effective, leaving the real project coordinating work to the project manager.

To make the training most effective, it has been broken down into two categories; bookwork and project work. Book work will consist of about 60% of the training. This time is devoted to learning the concepts of project management, how they are related and how important it is to have a project planned properly from the start. The project work section is a time to work on mini projects, a time for the instructor to throw the curve balls that will most like happen on projects in the real world. This is the time when the concepts are learned and the importance is driven home. There's no better way to learn the importance of proper planning than finding your self in a panic state caused from variables that weren't taken in for account during initial planning.

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How Much Training is Needed?
It is recommended that each employee attends at least 12-20 hours of training...
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