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As it states on the previous page, you need to choose a tax representative and seeing you are on this page, you want it to be me. I will help you claim what is rightfully yours. Below you can find the document to send me. Simply fill-in the areas highlighted in English. The document is called 'Nozeikanrinin no todokedesho' (gaikokujin-yo) or Declaration Form naming me your Administer of Tax Affairs in Japan. Once you complete the form, which only takes 3 or 4 minutes, and send it to me, I will file it on your behalf with the lump sum receipt. (Example of what to send)

The refund will be deposited into my business account and then forwarded to your personal bank account. You have nothing to lose.

PDF Form Download Version (Nozeikanrinin no todokedesho)
JPG Form Download Version (Nozeikanrinin no todokedesho)

Example of what to send
I need you to send me the originals!

Freq asked question.

Q. How can I trust you?
A. I have been around for years. I have worked in Japan for over 12. I am here for you. As the previous Marketing Analyst for Global OnLine Japan (GOL), Ecommerce systems Manager for HMV Japan, and currently president of Network Answers Japan, I can assure you, the funds will be sent. I stake my reputation on it.

Q. What are your fees?
A. 20% of the funds collected

Q. I would like to donate my refund to a charity. Can you do this?
A. Yes, Yes, and Yes. Several customers have requested that I donate these funds to various charities. I recommend "Make a Wish Japan." When a customer donates their funds to a charity, there are no cost taken. A receipt is sent to you, via email, on the transfer of funds. If you choose this option, I waive all fees and will send you the tax deductible receipt provided by the appropriate charity.

Q. How should I contact you?
A. Please send me an email with your name, current address, last address in Japan, current telephone number, current work number, the date you left Japan, and your date of birth. I also need your salutation Mr./ Ms. / Mrs Refund@najap

(You may need to reply to our virtual receptionist. Simply reply to the email sent with a blank message as described.)

Please send completed forms and the Lump Sum receipt of payment to:
                                                 Rich Brown
                                                 Network Answers Japan
                                                 3-9-7-101 Mita Tama-ku
                                                 Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa-ken 214-0034

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Donate Your Refund

Our customers have donated to:

"Make a wish foundation"
"American Red Cross"
"Doctors Without Boarders"
"United Way Japan"

We will dontate your refund
on your behalf.

Just tell us where!

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