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We view computer software as a business and management tool to help facilitate business success.. Effective use of software, hardware, and planning can make a big difference to your organization. Benefits include; higher productivity, better profitability, lower costs, and a happier staff. We are responsive to the individual needs of our clients and we provide flexibility, professionalism and real life business experience as an integral part of our standard services. We believe that businesses need to be able to make efficient and competent use of business software in the shortest time possible. Professional computer training gives you this ability. The lack of training means some tasks take longer using a computer than they did before. Quality IT training allows staff to learn valuable new skills quickly and effectively, rather than through months or years of frustrating trial and error. We aim to deliver top quality training, both in presentation, delivery, knowledge of the subject and training materials superior to other solutions available in Japan. Contact us today!

CISSP Review Course
Beginning Snort Training / Advanced Sonrt Training

Class Update

          CISSP Review Course
          Schedule: October 24th- 29th Day classes 9-5 Daily.
                           October 24th- November 9th Night Classes 7-10 Daily
          CISSP Test Date Tokyo November 14th, 2004
          Examination ネットワーク・アンサー・ジャパン
          Our unique approach to boot camp style training makes getting the CISSP
          much less strenuous. Our training program ensures that you have a solid
          understanding of where to concentrate your studying efforts.
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          Beginning and Advanced Snort Training
          Schedule: November 1st - November 5th 9-6 Daily
          Building Open Source Security Tools Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion
          Prevention Systems A Hands-on Approach
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